Rothrock Chiropractic & Rehabilitation


May 23, 2024

It’s almost time for summer in Happy Valley! And with the arrival of summer comes vacations and trips. We want to provide 5 smart tips to Penn State students and Centre County residents to maintain spinal health during vacation time this year. After all, nothing cramps a trip like bad pain, so read below to keep pain in the rearview mirror!

  1. Pack Light. It’s a great idea to invest in luggage with wheels and avoid overpacking. This is especially relevant if you plan to fly, as this luggage is much easier to get around airports. If going by car, don’t overpack bags. This will help reduce the strain on your back while carrying or lifting bags. Take a moment to distribute weight evenly between multiple bags, if needed.
  2. Stay Active Before, During, and After the Trip. Incorporate light exercises and stretches into your travel routine to keep your muscles and joints flexible. Make sure to take short walks during layovers. Plan for breaks from driving at least every 2 hours to prevent joint deranging. If you don’t know great exercises to manage your pain, then reach out to our practice so we can help!
  3. Practice Good Posture. It’s critical to maintain proper posture while sitting for long periods, regardless of being in a car, plane, or train. Lumbar support cushions or rolled-up towels to support your lower back can really go a long way to reduce slouching.
  4. Take Frequent Breaks. If traveling by car, plan regular rest stops (every 2 hours or so) to stretch, walk around, and relieve pressure on your spine. Aim to get up and move every hour during long flights or train rides, which afford more ability to shift and move about.
  5. Visit Us at Rothrock Chiropractic and Rehabilitation! Consider scheduling a chiropractic adjustment before and/or after your trip to address any existing spinal ailments or discomfort. We can also provide advice on ergonomic travel practices and high quality rehab exercises to support your spinal and joint health while traveling.

We hope everyone enjoys their summer plans and trips. These tips above will help ensure it’s the best vacation you’ve had yet. Don’t let pain stand in your way, Happy Valley, and get in touch with us today if you need to feel better before you get away!