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April 12, 2024

Hey Parents!!

We are in the early phases of the spring sports season for high school, junior high, and youth sports! It’s an exciting time of year for the sports programs of State High, Bellefonte, Bald Eagle, Penns Valley, and all the other surrounding school districts in Centre County and Central Pennsylvania. It’s also an important time to remind everyone of some small, yet important tips on keeping your student-athletes healthy this spring. Review these five tips to keep your kids in the game this April, May, and June!

  1. Get a Pre-Season Assessment. If you haven’t already, get your kid into a physician, chiropractor, or physical therapist for a thorough assessment before the season starts. These providers’ assessments will include evaluating their musculoskeletal health, helping to identify any existing injuries or areas of weakness. From there, a personalized plan of exercises can be prescribed to address these issues. It’s best to build a strong tower from a strong base, after all!
  2. Perform Injury Prevention Exercises. Encourage your child to incorporate specific exercises and stretches into their routines to strengthen muscles, improve flexibility, and enhance stability. Target areas prone to injuries in their particular sport, such as the knees for runners or shoulders for baseball players. If you need further advice on great rehab exercises, we can be of service at Rothrock Chiropractic and Rehabilitation.
  3. Receive Regular Chiropractic Adjustments. Schedule regular chiropractic adjustments to ensure proper alignment and function of the spine and joints. This can improve range of motion, reduce the risk of injuries, and optimize overall performance and power on game day.
  4. Focus on Proper Recovery. It’s critical for athletes to know about post-workout recovery techniques, such as ice baths, foam rolling, and adequate rest. Encourage them to listen to their bodies and seek treatment for any persistent pain or discomfort. Chiropractors are great at educating on this topic, as well.
  5. Communicate with Coaches and Trainers. No one can read an athlete’s mind, so it’s important for them to be honest with how they are feeling, or if an injury seems like it’s beginning. Communicate with coaches and trainers to put together a plan to keep your child safe.

Spring sports are an exciting time for many. Let’s work together to keep your kids in the game. These 5 strategies ought to make a difference! Reach out to our office with any questions or needs. We aim to help these student-athletes reach their peak!

Thank you for your time!